Frequently Asked Questions
Question:   Are Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc. employees also University employees?
Answer:   No. Although they are generally considered campus "staff or student" employees and enjoy similar benefits, they are entirely separate from University employment.   

Question:   How do I contact Foundation Employment Services?
Answer:   Call them at 909-869-2953.   

Question:   How do I obtain parking info?
Answer:   Contact Employment Services:    Foundation Employment Services

Question:   If something is prohibited by California State University (CSU) regulations, can it be approved and handled through the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc?
Answer:   In most cases, if CSU regulations do not allow it, it would not be allowed by the CPPF. Title 5 requires auxiliary organizations, such as the Foundation, to follow CSU policies and regulations even though the Foundation is a separate entity from the University. For example, expenditures made through Foundation discretionary accounts must show evidence of supporting the educational mission of the University and all applicable laws; regulations and policies must be adhered to in business transactions. The Foundation does provide flexibility, speed of transactions, special accounts and services and expertise and resources not available elsewhere.  

Question:   Is the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation Inc. another division of the University Administration?
Answer:   No. A 20 member Board of Directors governs the CPPF, which is made up of the President of the University, faculty, staff, students, administrators and local community members. In addition to the Board, there are several committees comprised of Board members to review various programs and financial issues. California corporate law requires that all Board members act in the best interest of the organization and carry out their legal fiduciary responsibilities. All meetings, except confidential executive sessions, are public and announced in advance.   

Question:   Is the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc. (CPPF) related to the Kellogg Foundation in Battle Creek, Michigan?
Answer:   No. Although the entire campus has close ties to the Kellogg Foundation, there is no formal relationship with the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc. The Cal Poly Pomona Foundation Inc. (CPPF) is a separate local organization many times smaller than the huge Kellogg Foundation.   

Question:   Is the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc. a gift giving organization from which one can ask for grants?
Answer:   This is partially true. The CPPF provides post award administration of externally funded activities. It provides accounting and administrative reporting services for the University and acts as its fiscal agent. Assistance on research and grant proposals is available through the University's office of Research and Sponsored Programs in Academic Affairs. Annually, the Foundation contributes funds, deemed by the Board of Directors to be surplus, back to the University. The University determines the use of those excess funds, not the Foundation.   

Question:   Is the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc. a monopoly?
Answer:   A: No. The term "monopoly" implies that the market is controlled and choices do not exist. A more appropriate definition is that the CPPF is a "recognized auxiliary" organization that has a special relationship with the University. It is assigned the challenge of serving the special needs of the campus community. This includes periods of very busy activity, as well as low activity, such as summers and quarter breaks. The CPPF does not control the academic calendar; however, it does attempt to respond to the campus' service needs, market conditions, and provide desirable choices and fair prices that compliment the University's educational mission. This function relieves the University of using scarce taxpayer supported dollars to provide such services as well as enabling the Foundation to gift surplus revenues back to the University to support a multitude of projects. The annual "gift" to the University ensures that funding which might otherwise require increased fees or the reduction of campus programs is available to support the University's continued growth.   

Question:   What are the Dining Hours?
Answer:   You can call or visit Dining Hours Link.   Dining Hours Link

Question:   Where is the Foundation?
Answer:   It is located at Cal Poly Pomona University Link to MAP    Link to Map

Question:   Why does the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc., being a non-profit entity, generate a surplus from its operations?
Answer:   Actually, all non-profit corporations strive to make a surplus or "profit." Non-profit corporations must generate more revenue than expenses and establish various operating reserves in order to be financially solvent.