Policy NumberPolicy GroupDescription
101Sponsored ProgramsAdministration of Research Grants
102Sponsored ProgramsRelease of Proprietary Data
103Sponsored ProgramsIndirect Costs Funds
110GeneralProfessional Fiduciaries
115GeneralExecution of Contracts with the State
116GeneralLegal Counsel & Certified Public Accountant for Foundation Services
117GeneralOpen Board Meetings
118GeneralFoundation Budget Process (Capital Expenditures)
119GeneralDiscretionary Accounts & Campus Program Accounts
120GeneralIn-Kind Donations
121GeneralPolicy for Risk Management of Legal Fees
122GeneralMinimum Authorized Signatures
123GeneralReal Estate Acquisition & Development
124GeneralForm 990 Review Policy
125GeneralJoint Venture Policy
126GeneralExecutive Compensation Policy
127GeneralPublic Disclosure Policy
127GeneralPublic Disclosure Policy - Form Request for Foundation Documents or Records
130Investment Management Endowment Investment Policy
131Investment Management General Investment Policy
133Investment Management Administration of Program, Scholarship and Endowment Funds
134Investment Management Loan Policy
135Campaign Fee Policy Campaign Fee Policy
155Use of FundsAccumulation & Use of Public Relations Funds (ABS 75-37)
156Use of FundsReimbursement of Travel & Related Business Expenses
157Use of FundsPurchasing & Capitalization
170ReservesAgriculture Program Reserves
171ReservesResidential Board Meal Program Surplus Reserve
172ReservesReserve Policy:1) Operating 2) Capital Replacement 3) Venture Fund
173ReservesReserve for Retiree Medical Benefits
174ReservesInsurance Reserve
175ReservesOffice of Research & Sponsored Project Reserves
190InsuranceRisk Management and Property and Casualty Insurance Policy
201Employee PoliciesFoundation Employee Meal Policy
202Employee PoliciesConfidentiality
203Employee PoliciesStudent Work Hours
206Employee PoliciesConflict Resolution Policy
207Employee PoliciesEducational Assistance Program
208Employee PoliciesLayoff Policy
209Employee PoliciesNondiscrimination and Affirmative Action Policy
210Employee PoliciesStudent Assistant Salary and Wage Program
211Employee PoliciesPolicy Against Harassment
212Employee PoliciesAccommodation for Religious Observance and Practices
215Employee PoliciesDrug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention
217Employee PoliciesJury Duty Policy
219Employee PoliciesCompensation Plan
220Employee PoliciesCatastrophic Leave Donation Program
221Employee PoliciesConflict of Interest - Board of Directors
222Employee PoliciesConflict of Interest - Employees
223Employee PoliciesEthics
224Employee PoliciesEmployment of Minors
301Aid to Instruction PoliciesAgricultural Student Projects
302Aid to Instruction PoliciesAcceptance of Gift Arabian Horses
303Aid to Instruction PoliciesAgriculture Herd Size