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Corporate Keys to Success

The keys to our success are to provide outstanding value to our major stakeholder:

  • Customers - by delivering service beyond their expectations
  • Employees - by developing high-performance self-managing teams
  • Cal Poly Pomona - by delivering exceptional financial performance and effectively supporting the campus mission.

Key Issues:

  • Identifying and providing core products and services
  • Using technology to run more efficient
  • Balancing the goals of financial performance, customer service and serving Cal Poly Pomona
  • Non-traditional products and functions such as campus development and real estate
  • CSU Chancellor’s office concerns about auxiliaries and risk
  • Abandon yesterday – improve systematically and continually
  • Knowing the costs for doing business

Corporate Management Philosophy:

NO SECRETS: Everyone in the Foundation at all levels shares information openly.

NO SURPRISES: No one can claim to be in the dark about problems or opportunities.

NO POLITICS: People get together and look at the same information and make tough decisions.

NO DISTRACTIONS: Management and systems operate in the background; they make noise only when things go wrong. People are free to get their work done.

NO CONFUSION: Employees know what they need to do to succeed.

NO WASTE: The organization is lean and mean.

NO ILLUSIONS: We have no illusions about how tough things can be; that’s why we are constantly modifying, improving and starting over.

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